University Distinguished Professor
W.L. Smith Chair Professor


Northeastern University

Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.

440 Dana Research Center

360 Huntington Ave.

Boston, MA 02115


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(617) 373-7603 (Office & Voice Mail)
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Email: harris@ece.neu.edu



    Vincent Harris has had a distinguished career as an engineer, scientist, inventor, entrepreneur and leader of engineers and scientists for more than 25 years. His professional preparation includes the Ph.D. (NU-EE), M.Sc. (NU-ME, MSE), M.Sc. (U. Md.-Eng. Mgt.), M.Sc. (U. Penn.-Exec. Tech. Mgt.), and B.Sc. (NU-ME) degrees. He presently holds the position of University Distinguished Professor and William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Northeastern University. In 2004, he founded and assumed Directorship of the Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits (CM3IC): a Center internationally renowned for its accomplishments in microwave materials and devices. The mission of the CM3IC is to develop next generation microwave materials and device solutions for radar and wireless communication technologies for U.S. Defense and commercial industries. As Director of the CM3IC, Harris has raised more than 12 M$ of federal research funds since 2004. Total federal agency funds raised throughout his career exceed 32 M$. He is Founder and Chairman of the Board of the NEU spinout Metamagnetics Inc. (Canton, MA USA). Metamagnetics is a small, veteran-owned, for-profit business that provides electromagnetic solutions to meet the needs of the commercial and defense community in the area of communications and radar.

    Prior to holding these positions, he was a member of the technical staff, Head of the Complex Materials Section, and Head of the Materials Physics Branch at the Naval Research Laboratory. During 2008-2010, he held a guest appointment at the Naval Postgraduate School (Monterey, CA) as a Professor of the National Security Institute. His research interests include materials design and the study of processing, structure and magnetism in a wide range of electronic materials and devices used principally in ultrahigh frequency applications. He has published more than 300 technical articles in peer-reviewed science and engineering journals, including book chapters, review articles, and invited technical feature articles on the topical areas of nanotechnology, magnetism, and microwave materials and devices. Harris places in the top 1% of the most-cited engineers and scientists worldwide of the last decade (h=37, g=56, m=1.48). Additionally, he holds 20 patents or patent applications, and has presented more than 300 papers at national and international meetings, including nearly 200 by specific invitation.        


    In 2007, Harris was named a Distinguished Lecturer of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (IEEE) Magnetics Society on the topic of Frontiers in Ferrite Materials Research and Microwave Device Applications. He is recognized as the foremost authority on this topic and is often invited to review and provide his perspective on the future of this field for the physics, engineering, materials science and business communities. More than 300 international trade journals, magazines, news outlets, and websites have reported his research breakthroughs. Professor Harris is an Editor of the Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Science of Advanced Materials, and Journal of Materials as well as a member of the Editorial Boards of Journal of Alloys and Compounds, Advanced Science Letters, Journal of Magnetism, Journal of Materials, IEEE Magnetics Letters, JAM and SAM. He is the Founder and Chairperson of the IEEE Magnetics Society - Boston Chapter. He routinely serves as an expert panelist for the Department of Energy, DARPA, Air Force, Navy, Army, National Science Foundation, National Academies of Sciences and Engineering (NAS/NAE), NASA, and other government agencies on topics of nanotechnology, magnetism and magnetic materials, and microwave technologies.


    Professor Harris is a Fellow of the IEEE, the American Physical Society, the Institute of Physics (Great Britain), the Institute of Engineering and Technology (Great Britain), the Fulbright Foreign Specialists Program and the Chinese Academy of Science’s Senior Scientist Program and Foreign Experts Program.

    Vincent Harris is a veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard having been honorably discharged in 1985.

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