University Distinguished Professor
W.L. Smith Chair Professor


Northeastern University

Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.

440 Dana Research Center

360 Huntington Ave.

Boston, MA 02115


Contact Information:

(617) 373-7603 (Office & Voice Mail)
(617) 373-8146 (fax)



Professional Experiences


University Distinguished Professor                                                 2011-present

William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor                                          2003-present

    Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits      2004-present

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Joint appointment with Department of Chemical Engineering


Metamagnetics Inc., (Veteran owned - small business) Sharon, MA  

Founder and Chairman, Board of Directors                                    2008 - present


Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, CA

National Security Institute

Professor (Guest appointment)                                                             2008-2010


Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. 20375-5000

Division of Materials Science and Technology

Head, Materials Physics Branch (Code 6340)                                      2000 - 2003

Director, NRL Synchrotron Radiation Consortium                                 2001 - 2003

Head, Complex Materials Section (Code 6342)                                    1998 - 2000

Member of Technical Staff, Materials Research Scientist                   1993 - 1998

National Research Council Fellow                                                  1990 - 1993


Northeastern University, Boston, MA 02115

College of Engineering (During graduate and post-graduate preparation)

Research Associate:
Center for Electromagnetic Research, (post-graduate)                                     1990

Research Assistant:
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering                              1987 - 1990

Research Assistant:
Department of Mechanical Engineering                                                1986 - 1987



Extrion Division, Semiconductor Group           

Research & Development Engineer                                                 1984 - 1985


U.S. Coast Guard

U.S. Coast Guard Academy

Active Duty                                                                                        1980 - 1983

Active Reserve Duty                                                                           1984 - 1985

         Honorable Discharge                                                                     Sept. 10, 1985

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Industrial and Private Sector Experiences 

CHARLES STARK DRAPER LABORATORY, 555 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA   

Technical Consultant                                                                      2012 - present


Metamagnetics Inc., (Veteran owned - small business) Canton, MA                       

Founder and Chairman, Board of Directors                                        2008 - present


MetaMICROWAVE Inc., (Veteran owned - small business) Canton, MA                      

Founder and Chief Technical Advisor

Chair                                                                                             2011 - present


Circulation Inc., (Veteran owned - small business) Danvers, MA

Founder and Chief Technical Advisor

Chairman                                                                                            2005-2010


U.S. Ferroics Inc., (Small Business) San Marcos, TA                                         

Technical Consultant                                                                            2009-2011

Rogers Corporation, Rogers, CT

Technical Consultant                                                                          2008 - 2009


Mears Technology Inc., (Small Business) Waltham,MA                                   

Technical Consultant                                                                            2007-2010


SI2 Technologies Inc., (Small Business) North Billerica, MA                                

Technical Consultant                                                                            2008-2010


Round Table Group - The Expert Services Firm
        (Washington, Chicago, London, Dallas)

Expert Consultant                                                                            2003-present

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Technical Management and Leadership Experiences 

Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 02115                                2004-present

Director, Center for Microwave Magnetic Materials and Integrated Circuits (CM3IC)          

Approximately 30 students and staff and an annual budget of ~2.0 M$.

Major accomplishments

·   2004, Established the CM3IC at NEU

·   Secured funding as PI in excess of 7.5M$ during the first five years of operation.

·   Recruited industrial partners and sponsors

·   Increased staff from 12 to more than 30 including high school students, undergraduate students, Ph.D. candidates, research associates, staff and 5 faculty.

·   Established the Multifunctional Oxide Electronics Laboratory within the CM3IC, 2004.

·   Established the Nanoparticle Processing Laboratory within the CM3IC, 2005.

·   Established the Advanced Magnetics Ceramics Laboratory within the CM3IC, 2005.


Metamagnetics inc., Canton, MA

Founder, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Principal Shareholder            2008-present

8 employees

Major accomplishments

·   2008, Metamagnetics Inc. established as S Corp.

·   2010, Metamagnetics Inc. registers as a C Corp.

·   2010-present, Metamagnetics Inc. certified as ITAR corporation 

·   2011, Metamagnetics Inc. successfully completes DCAA audit

·   2010, Metamagnetics Inc. established first dedicated office space (Sharon, MA)

·   2011, Metamagnetics Inc. relocated to dedicated office/laboratory office park (Canton, MA)

·   2010-2012, Metamagnetics Inc. secured >5M$ of federal grant funding

·   2012, Metamagnetics Inc. wins MassVenture competition to enhance commercialization efforts, award 100,000$.


Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. 20375-5000    

Head, Materials Physics Branch                                                               2000 - 2003

Staff: 19 Full time employees, 6 contractors, 12 post-docs, 2 students (38 Ph.D.s)

Budget: ~10 M$/yr

Major accomplishments

·   2002, Established CRADA with Nanosonic Inc. (Blacksburg, VA) to co-develop magnetic particle film and coating composites for DOD microwave applications

·   2001, Based on an aggressive budget management and marketing strategy, Code 6340 experienced a 2001 year-end budget surplus of 1 M$. The previous five years prior to taking this position the cumulative end of year debt totaled 1.5M$.

·   2001, Instituted a new budget management system leading to <0.1 % uncertainty in daily budget accounting.

·   2001, Instituted a new aggressive marketing methodology involving outreach, communication, and technical support of external funding agencies that resulted in a ~40% increase in the operational budget.

·   2001, Instituted new merit/quality based recruitment procedures for new hires.

·   2001, Instituted Quality of Life End-of-Year survey to determine key areas of improvement to morale and productivity.

·   2000, Dissolved section structure and established an Advisory Committee to assist the Branch Head in assets management, strategic planning, and growth.


Brookhaven National Laboratory,
National Synchrotron Light Source, Upton, NY

Founder & Director, NRL Synchrotron Radiation Consortium (NRL-SRC)       2001 - 2003

Staff:  5 Full time employees, 2 post-docs, PRT membership (typically ~12 research groups)

Beamlines: X23B, X24C, X11A, X11B, U4B

Budget:  ~1-2 M$/yr

Director, NRL Materials Analysis Beamline, X23B                                       1999 - 2001

(National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

Staff: 1 full time contractor; general user teams include several national and international universities and government agencies

Major accomplishments

·   2001, Established the Naval Research Laboratory — Synchrotron Radiation Consortium (NRL-SRC). The Consortium consisted of five NSLS beamlines at the BNL providing x-ray absorption and scattering facilities to NRL, university, other agency scientists, and international collaborators. The NRL-SRC was the first consortium to form at the NSLS and has been referred to as the new paradigm of user facilities management at the NSLS.

·   2001, Oversaw commissioning of the X11B EXAFS/Tomography beamline at the NSLS.

·   NSLS I (BNL) EXAFS Special Interest Group (SPIG) representative, 2001-2002

·   NSLS I (BNL) User Executive Committee Member, 2001-2002

·   Organizer, EXAFS Workshop on Nanotechnology at NSLS User’s Meeting, 2002

·   Member, NSLS II (BNL), Scientific Advisory Committee, 2008-present

·   Member, Strategic Planning Committee, National Synchrotron Light Source I (BNL)       2006-present.


Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, D.C. 20375-5000

Head, Complex Materials Section                                                                1998-2000

Staff:  11 Full time employees, 3 contractors, 1 part time employee,

3 students, 5 post-docs (15 Ph.D.s)

Budget: ~3.5M$/yr

Advisor, Senior ONR Fellows (2)                                                                 1996, 1998

Advisor, National Research Council Research Fellows (10)                           1995- 2003

Advisor, Undergraduate Student Research (5)                                               1996-2003

Mentor, GWU-DoD Science & Engineering Apprentice Program (SEAP) (6)*   1994-2001

* 3 received Outstanding Research Awards

* 3 were awarded authorship on peer-reviewed journal articles

Major accomplishments

·   2000, Established Nanoparticle Synthesis Laboratory in Code 6342.

·   1998, Established Pulsed Laser Thin Film Deposition Facility in Code 6342.

·   1998, Established Rapid Quench Alloy Processing Facility in Code 6342.

·   During 1998-2000 external funding of section research increased >500% in comparison to past years. Similar increases were reported in peer-reviewed journal publications, high impact published Letters, and invited conference presentations.


Northeastern University, Boston, MA, 02115

Center for Electromagnetics Research (National Science Foundation ERC) 

Advisor, National Science Foundation’s Young Scholars Program (2)              1988-1990

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Community Activism and Social Justice Experiences

        LeadBoston, Boston Center for Community & Justice (BCCJ)          2008-2009

        "LeadBoston, BCCJ’s flagship program for adult professionals, allows executives within your organization to connect with the community and invest in the future."-

            —The program in 2008-2009 has identified important urban and inner city challenges in environmental and global warming, public education, immigration, food and shelter for the homeless, religious and cultural tolerance, and privilege and opportunity. LB members direct their energy and experience to positively impact these challenges and opportunities.


        The Leadership Initiative (InIt), BCCJ                                                2008-2009

        The Leadership Initiative- better known as "InIt" - provides inner city high schools and community organizations a way to build and empower youth leaders. A key component is the peering of inner city high school students with mentors who are leaders in their professions. The mentor takes on the important responsibility to engage, guide, and educate their charge in preparation as a future community leader.

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